Simona Says

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At 14 years old, Simona Spallacci is an exceptional young lady growing up in a family of renowned homebuilders. She is also the inspiration and namesake of Spallacci Homes’ newest community in Eden Park.

Simona Place is an intimate collection of thirty one executive townhomes, and Simona is excited to share her thoughts on her family’s latest development.

“I feel honoured and excited to have my name symbolize a Spallacci Group project” Simona says.

“My family lives in a Spallacci home now, and I have lived there since I was two years old. I love the way the house is designed and the open concept living areas because there’s lots of space for my friends and I to play.

“Simona Says”

“I always thought it was cool that my dad was a builder. Ever since I was little, my dad would take me with him to look at the houses he was building. I would go inside homes and look around while they were under construction and then I would go back after they were finished. I love the way Spallacci designs their homes!”