Royal Connaught Opens its Doors!

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Nearly 100 years after the original launch of the historic Canadian icon; The Residences of Royal Connaught opens its doors again.

On June 4th; hundreds of people gathered for this historic moment as the Hamilton icon which was once a playground for celebrities and international high society re-opened its doors at the friends and family event for the Residences of Royal Connaught.
After months and countless hours of work restoring the grande lobby to its original glory dignitaries, friends and family were treated to the reveal of the glorious lobby, 2nd floor mezzanine and model suite which is destine to become once again Hamilton’s landmark destination and new condo residence.

Past the century hotel’s Edwardian style façade, the art deco lobby which will become the condo’s main lobby exudes decadence with its 23 foot ceilings, dramatic crystal chandeliers, original limestone floors with granite banding, restored marble columns and intricate mouldings. Phase 1 of The Residences of Royal Connaught offers 122 suites in the original 13 storey landmark hotel offering future residents extravagance and modern luxury every day as they enter the front doors of their new home!