10 features that add resale value to your home

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Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 10.05.53 AMThere are many reasons why people choose to upgrade and personalize their new home, but adding value to your home now may help up the resale value in the future. Whether you plan on spending years in your home or you are looking to relocate, you can instantly upgrade the quality of your home with a few feature fixes.

There are 10 features that you can add to your home to make it more welcoming for your family and future buyers.

1. Hardwood floors. Unscathed hardwood floors make a great first impression on buyers. The warmth of wood creates a luxurious, elegant feel to every room.

2. Oak stairs. Like flooring, stairways can alter the ambiance of a home. Oak staircases add continuity throughout the home, giving it a grand appearance. The oak banisters are also soft to the touch, showing the quality.

3. Oversized tiles. By altering something as specific as the size of the tile, a sense of grandeur is added to a room. With less grout work, the quality materials of the tile can shine.

4. Backsplashes.  Ornate mosaics made from glass tile or simple granite slabs can add glamour and functionality to a kitchen. The little details in a home are what truly make it stand out.

5. Granite countertops. With a range of attractive colours and patterns, this natural stone can transform a drab kitchen into a chic gathering space.

6. Maple kitchen cabinetry. By upgrading to maple cabinets, a kitchen will look far more modern and chic than a kitchen with standard oak cabinets. Maple is also more durable, has less visible grain and can works well with stains.

7. Upgraded kitchen features. A quality kitchen is often a big selling point of a home. Having extended upper cabinets and spacious fridge shelves make your kitchen more put together and practical. Most homebuyers are looking for plentiful storage space in the kitchen.

8. Crown moulding.  Traditional crown moulding can completely enhance the feel of a room. This old-world detail makes a home seem more refined.

9. Upgraded ceilings. By retouching smooth ceilings, each room will look more sophisticated and customized.

10. Fireplace. Nothing is better than cozying up by the fire as the temperature drops outside. A classic mantle and tile hearth will add warmth and tenderness to a room.

Even if you do not plan on leaving your home any time soon, these features will enhance your home for you to enjoy. It is this type of attention to detail that makes a Spallacci home so attractive to buyers and homeowners.