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Spallacci Homes offers impeccably built homes with an unparalleled attention to detail.

In every corner and every square inch of a Spallacci home, today’s homes are designed and built with lasting old world carpentry and artisan millwork. Homebuyers who invest in a Spallacci home will be able to see and feel the amount of time and workmanship that went into every detail from doorways and staircases to trim and tiles.
From one artisan to another
These are the details that craftsmen seek when they are looking for a place to call home. At Spallacci Homes, high quality materials and precision building comes together to create a home that looks custom-inspired and is long lasting. Industry professionals know how to discern the fluff from quality artistry; The Spallacci name is held in high esteem by craftsmen and industry professionals alike. Craftsmen and industry professionals hold The Spallacci name in high esteem alike.
Their commitment to excellence was recently recognized by the City of Hamilton Building Inspectors for least number of premature inspection requests, the lowest number of Building Code infractions found, builders only commencing construction once permits are issued, timely requests for inspections, having approved drawings on site that are readily accessible for the Building Inspectors, keeping construction sites safe, clean and orderly, ensuring deficiencies (if any) are rectified in a timely fashion and submitting documents in a timely fashion.
Higher Benchmark
Spallacci’s team goes far beyond the industry standard. When they build a home, they incorporate old world craftsmanship, loyal trades and a stern philosophy that demands quality and takes the home to a different level. When a home is built with care and passion, the final product isn’t just another cookie-cutter house. It is a home that blends together quality, community and comfort. It is a home in which your family can grow together, and a home that holds its quality over the years.
Those who invest in a Spallacci home will not only benefit from the practical long-term resale value, but they will also reap the warm feeling that comes from living in a home that is built by our family for yours.

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