4 Reasons to Buy a New Home and What to Look Out For

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There are many benefits to buying a new home over a resale home. As well as owning a brand new home that nobody else has lived in, you also benefit from new construction practices and the security of being covered by full warranties on construction, appliances and more…

So as well as making emotional sense, buying a new home also makes financial sense. Read these 5 reasons to buy a new home and what to look for to make sure you understand what you are signing up for before committing to buying your new home.

1. Easy to Personalize

Many builders allow you to personalize the finishing touches of your new home in the early stages of the building process. This means you can choose your own kitchen units, doors, wall colour and much more.

What to look out for: Find out exactly what you can customize and choose a style of finish that fits in with your overall home interior plan and your own flare.

2. More energy efficient

New homes have been built to the latest building regulations and are more energy efficient. They have better insulation, energy saving appliances and insulated windows — all of which can significantly reduce your utility bills.

What to look out for: Ask about additional green appliances that might be included such as high efficiency stoves, refrigerators, washing machines and water systems.

3. Fewer repairs

There will be no repair work for you to carry out when you move in and everything should still be covered by the builder’s warranty. So if your furnace or air conditioning unit breaks or your roof leaks then you won’t be the one paying for it.

What to look out for: Make sure you check exactly what is covered in the builder’s warranty and how long it lasts for.

4. Incentives

Many builders offer incentives and discounts to early buyers and there is typically more room to negotiate when buying a new home. If they won’t reduce the price then they can often include expensive optional extras at no additional cost.

What to look out for: Desirable communities built in popular suburbs by the best developers can sell out really fast, so don’t leave it too late and risk missing out on your perfect home!